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After a Divorce, You May Need to Update or Enforce Court Orders Related to Support or Custody.

Life changes as the years go by, and circumstances that existed at the time of dissolution of the marriage may no longer be the same.


An Austin divorce lawyer at the Law Office of Brandon Bledsoe can provide you with legal representation and advice necessary to pursue a modification of a court order.

Spousal Support Orders

There are three typical types of court orders that people seek to change related to divorce. These include spousal support, child custody, and child support orders 

Spousal Support Orders

An order to provide spousal support is given when circumstances at the end of a marriage warrant it. Usually, a spouse must show that they are unable to earn enough money to cover their basic needs. This could be due to a disability that prevents work, a lack of education or employable skills, or because they are caring for a child with special needs.


If a significant change occurs that warrants spousal support orders being modified, it is important to consult with an Austin divorce attorney at the Law Office of Brandon Bledsoe for legal guidance.


Common reasons for changes to spousal support orders include a recovery from disability, gaining new employable skills, or the receiving spouse living with a new partner

Child Support Orders

Child support orders can be modified when a significant or material change occurs. Texas law specifically allows changes to a child support order when it has been more than three years and the monthly amount differs by either 20% or $100 from what would be in accordance with the Texas Family Code guidelines.


Other common reasons for changes to child support orders include an increase in salary by the payer or changes to the needs of the child. Conversely, if the child has begun living primarily with the noncustodial parent, a motion can be filed to cancel the child support order completely.


If you are questioning whether a change to child support orders may be required, speak with the best divorce lawyer in Austin, TX. A divorce attorney with the Law Office of Brandon Bledsoe can empathize with your situation and provide you with meaningful legal support.

Child Custody Modification

Another order that may require modification over time is child custody. This can occur for several reasons, including significant changes to circumstances or the desires of the child.


In Texas, a child may confer directly with a judge to indicate which parent he or she wants to have primary custody. The judge will then consider the child’s reasoning and make a decision in the best interests of the child.


If you believe it may be time to update the child custody orders originally set out in your divorce decree, speak with a child custody lawyer in Austin, TX, from the Law Office of Brandon Bledsoe.


Schedule a Consultation with Our Experienced Austin Divorce Lawyers

Navigating through Texas divorce law is not easy. Allow the best divorce attorneys in Austin to guide you when you need to modify specific orders given in a divorce decree.


At the Law Office of Brandon Bledsoe, we are well-versed in family and divorce law. We will be able to give you meaningful legal advice and file your petition accordingly. Schedule a consultation to speak to a divorce lawyer today.

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