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Not All Divorces are Contentious and Drawn Out.

Some couples are able to amicably work through their issues without the need for drawn-out discovery processes and lots of time spent in court. However, even in the case of an agreed and uncontested divorce, it is still important to seek the services of an uncontested divorce lawyer in Austin, TX. 

At the Law Office of Brandon Bledsoe, we can assist you in ensuring the proper paperwork is filed and that you aren’t overlooking anything that could be problematic for you in the future. 

Benefits of an Agreed & Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is generally the best circumstance you could hope for in a family law court. It can be beneficial for both spouses and children involved in a number of ways.

Healthier for the Children

Children are often the most significantly affected parties when a marriage falls apart. It can be difficult for children to hear their parents constantly fighting or to be exposed to matters where one parent blames the other for circumstances. 

An uncontested divorce generally puts these situations to rest quickly so that the entire family is able to move forward in their lives. 

Quicker and More Cost-Effective

Uncontested divorces generally move at a quicker pace through the court system than a contested case does. After all, there isn’t a need for a long discovery process or arguments presented by competing lawyers.

Since less legal involvement is required, the costs of an uncontested divorce are generally much cheaper — sometimes even by thousands of dollars.

Better Control Over the Outcome

In a contested divorce, questions over child custody, child support, alimony, and property division can cause emotions to run high. If both spouses are able to agree on these issues, both parties can walk away feeling comfortable and secure with the outcome.

Reaching an agreement can also lead to more creative solutions that fit the needs of both spouses and their children, instead of having a judge in family court decide for them.

Greater Privacy

Contested divorces that play out in open courtrooms can be a privacy nightmare, especially for high net worth individuals with a lot to lose. It’s no fun having dirty laundry aired out in public.


If a couple is able to come to an agreement in an uncontested divorce, there is less chance of private details being revealed to people who aren’t involved.


At the Law Office of Brandon Bledsoe, a skilled uncontested divorce attorney in Austin, TX can assist you in ensuring that the agreement that you come to with your spouse is fair, filed properly, and in the best interests of your children.

Understanding Your Rights in an Uncontested Divorce

While agreed and uncontested divorces can be healthier for everyone involved, it is still important to have an Austin uncontested divorce lawyer evaluate your agreement to make sure you aren’t giving up rights that you shouldn’t.


In times of distress, it can be tempting to speed through the process as quickly as possible in an attempt to avoid conflict, often without consideration for the future.


At the Law Office of Brandon Bledsoe, we will examine your uncontested divorce agreement to make sure there isn’t anything you are giving up that you may regret down the line. We will consider your property allocations, child custody arrangements, and any support agreed to, providing you with expert legal advice.


Schedule a Consultation with Our Skilled Austin Uncontested Divorce Attorneys

As you embark on one of the most difficult situations you might face in your life, it is critical that you have a highly trained legal team to assist you. Schedule a consultation with an Austin uncontested divorce attorney at the Law Office of Brandon Bledsoe today.

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