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Understanding Protective Orders in Texas

During a divorce, it is very common for emotions to run high and for couples to argue. However, it can become scary for a spouse if arguments turn violent or there is a threat of violence.


To protect spouses from the potential for violence or abuse, Texas law allows the use of protective orders when warranted.


If you feel threatened during divorce proceedings, work with a protective order attorney in Austin from the Law Office of Brandon Bledsoe. We will make every effort to understand your concerns and file the appropriate paperwork to initiate a protective order.

What Is a Protective Order?

A protective order is a court order that is issued to require a person to stop abusing, harming, or threatening to harm another person. 

A protective order may be justified if any of the below actions occur:

  • Violence

  • Physical abuse

  • Sexual abuse

  • Domestic abuse

  • Stalking

  • Human trafficking

If a court issues a protective order, the person on the receiving end will be legally prevented from certain behaviors or actions towards the protected individual.

If you have been the subject of any of the above activities by a spouse, reach out to an Austin protective order attorney from the Law Office of Brandon Bledsoe. We will listen to your concerns with an empathetic ear and fight to get you the protection that you need.

What Does a Protective Order Entail?

A protective order comes with serious consequences to the abuser. Depending on the nature of the order, it may forbid any of the below:

Hurting or threatening to harm the protected individual

  • Communicating with the protected person in any manner

  • Visiting the protected person’s home, workplace, or family members

  • Owning or possessing a firearm

In addition, the court may require the abuser to complete specific activities, including:

  • Undergoing regular drug testing

  • Paying restitution, child support, or spousal support

  • Leaving the marital home, if the protected person is a spouse

  • Attending anger management classes

  • Completing treatment for substance abuse

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a spouse to abuse or threaten harm when faced with a deteriorating marriage. It is very important to put your safety first when you’re faced with an abusive spouse. 

For immediate assistance in setting up a protective order, contact an Austin protective orders lawyer at the Law Office of Brandon Bledsoe. 

Can You Get a Protective Order During a Divorce?

You can pursue a protective order during a divorce if:


  • Your spouse hurt you or threatened to hurt you

  • You have reason to believe that your spouse may hurt or kill you


If you are currently living together, a protective order will typically require your spouse to move out of the marital home. This can cause additional contention between two spouses, but it can alleviate the threat of violence or harm and reduce stress on any children who are witnesses or victims of abuse.


It is imperative that spouses who are the victims of assault, harm, or abuse file for a protective order. In extreme cases, the court may allow an emergency protective order to be granted. An experienced protective orders attorney at the Law Office of Brandon Bledsoe can assist you with getting the help you need quickly.


Schedule a Consultation

If you feel that you are in a dangerous or abusive situation, it is critical to set up a protective order immediately. An Austin divorce lawyer at the Law Office of Brandon Bledsoe can help you do so. Schedule a consultation to get expert advice from our team.

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