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Virtual Court Hearings

Due to the prolonged nature of the COVID-19 outbreak, courts throughout Texas are slowly moving towards virtual court hearings. As with many areas of work, everyone involved is still learning as they go. There will likely be some changes to increase efficiency and efficacy as the pandemic continues. However, courts have been successfully holding simple hearings using web programs. The Travis County Courthouse has been using the popular platform Zoom. Many businesses use this program already, and mediators have had great success using it for virtual mediation. Additionally, hearings in this courthouse are being livestreamed to Youtube. Meanwhile, the Williamson County Courthouse has been conducting virtual hearings and court appearances through Microsoft Teams. This software is similar to Zoom, and again, there have been successes in using it to conduct virtual hearings. There are still some uncertainties, and of course, it's unlikely that a jury trial could be held virtually. However, these programs are a great way to get courts to take a look at simpler issues so you aren't high and dry during the pandemic. If you're interested in seeing if a virtual hearing (or virtual mediation or virtual arbitration) is right for your case, give us a call at (512) 944-3329 or fill out the contact form on our website. We can discuss the status of your case and help you make a realistic plan for moving forward.

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