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Creating Your Texas Will

Most people think of end-of-life planning as just a will: a simple, single document that distributes their worldly possessions. But it can (and should) contain more. First-most, you consider having powers of attorney and advance healthcare directives in place.

In Texas, you’ll need separate documents for specific powers of attorney. A medical power of attorney is different from a legal power of attorney, and it’s generally best to have both. A medical power of attorney is an agent who has the authority to make medical decisions for you. A legal power of attorney will allow an agent to manage your property and finances. Of course, you could have one person serve as a legal and medical agent for you, but Texas law requires separate grants of authority. When the agent’s authority to act begins and ends is up to you.

An advance healthcare directive in Texas is a written statement describing your wishes regarding medical treatment. You may want to include a “do not resuscitate” provision, or maybe allow a natural death in your home. The document is legally binding, ensuring your family and health care providers carry out your wishes.

You can also include funeral plans in your will. You can decide how your remains are handled. These days there are several options from which to decide, including traditional burials or cremation, as well environmentally friendly burial options preventing excess pollution of the earth. Do you believe your funeral shouldn’t be a sad affair, but rather a celebration of your life? Is there a religious tradition you want followed, or a song you want played? The style of funeral you have, down to specific details, can be included in your will as well. Perhaps most importantly, in your will you may set and fund a budget for your chosen services.

Medical, funeral and estate planning can be very time consuming and stressful. With these elements included in your will, you can help make things easier your loved ones when the day comes. Plan a little, or a lot, knowing that you have choices and power when it comes to the end of your life. The Law Office of Brandon Bledsoe can assist with all of your wills and estate planning needs. Contact our office for a free consultation.

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